Preloader not working for external movie?

Hi I have the following preloader code which works fine when loading movies individually, but when I put all files on server and try and load my external movie clip it does not load.

My script is:

//data typing
var txtPercent:TextField;
var percent:Number;

//check to see if main timeline is ready
this.onEnterFrame = function():Void  {
    if (this._parent.getBytesLoaded() < this._parent.getBytesTotal()) {
        percent = Math.round(this._parent.getBytesLoaded() / this._parent.getBytesTotal() * 100);
        txtPercent.text = percent + "%";

    else {

Do I need to change this for my external clips? I load each movie from my main using a simple

loadMovie ("seeing.swf", "seeing");