Preloader problem

why when I am opening txt file(99kb and more) on localhost, my LoadVars preloader say: Loaded…infinity.(my CPU Pentium2 300MHz is used 100%)
preloaders AS:

function checkPreloadStatus(preloadtarget, updateHandler, doneHandler) {
	var bt = preloadtarget.getBytesTotal();
	var bl = preloadtarget.getBytesLoaded();
	var pr = Math.floor(bl/bt*100);
	updateHandler(bl, bt, pr);
	if (bl == bt && bt>4) {
function updateStatus(bl, bt, pr) {
	preloader.text = "Loaded..."+pr+"%";
function preloadDone() {
	preloader.text = "Preloaded";
var _lv = new LoadVars();
var interval = setInterval(checkPreloadStatus, 33, _lv, updateStatus, preloadDone);
_lv.onLoad = function(succes) {
	if (succes) {
		scroll.iin.htmlText = this.txt;
	} else {
		trace("Error loading data");

I look at the AS, but I don’t find any errors :frowning: I don’t know why script don’t run correctly.

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