Preloader problem


I need some help with a preloader I’m building, the problem is, when I click the show streaming button in the test movie window my preloader bar disappers and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. The movie is spread out through 2 scenes and I think thats where the problem lies. This is the code on my preloader which is attached to an empty mc.

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
loaded = _parent._framesLoaded;
if (loaded > 0 && loaded == _parent._totalframes && loading != “done”) {
_parent.gotoAndStop(“scene 2, 1”);
loading = “done”;
percentDone = Math.floor((_parent.getBytesLoaded() / _parent.getBytesTotal()) * 100);
loadStatus = percentDone + “% complete”;
_parent.loadBar._xscale = percentDone;

then on the first frame of my second scene I have this code.

stop ();
loadMovie (“usr3d.swf”, “movieload”);
function moveClip (clip, x, y, scalex, scaley) {
clip._x = x;
clip._y = y;
clip._xscale = scalex;
clip._yscale = scaley;
moveClip(movieload, 220, 140, 30, 30);

if you anyone could help it would be great. Thanks


I’m thinking about this. In the mean while… let me thank you for showing me a great error in my preloader which I’ve been having problems with… namely, I’ve been calling for the framesLoaded() from inside the movie clip, but unlike you, forgot to say “_root.” or “_parent”… which means that my preloader was looking at the movie clip timeline and not the main one when looking at that info.

Ugg, sometimes it amazes me, what we can miss.