Preloader problems....simple problems....VERY ANNOYING!

no preloaders im doing are working…well i mean, theyre working because when i look at the bandwidth prof. its loading accordingly BUT i dont see anything on the screen until like the last 5% of the movie.

b4 i came on here, i’ve tried about a good 3-5 diff ways to preload something from simple to difficult and nothing, same problem, then what i decided to do for testing, was to open up an old site i did, actually a few others and when i test, its all fine, when i copy & paste the SAME exact layer orders and placements of things on stage etc to a new document with same AS settings…then i get the SAME loader not appearing BS!..its annoying.

ive looked on google doing my research to this problem and ALL i keep seeing is, linked items on libraby etc…but my movs are small and simple. matter of fact, for FURTHER testing, what i did was, on a new document, i opened 2 layers, one for actions and one for content. frame 1 on Actions layer has the loader script. frame 2 has a gotoAndPlay(1) and frame 3 has a stop action.
on the content layer, i have nothing on the 1st two frames, and on the last frame i loaded 3 wallpaper JPGs so that the loader works and when i test i STILL get the same thing…and theres nothing linked…

any ideas? im at my wits end