Preloader Problems

It’s not really a problem… yet. It’s more I don’t really know where to start.

What I currently have is flash file that will be an external .swf for a website. This external .swf will be the portfolio page which will contain buckets displaying portfolio pieces. I may be setting this up wrong but I wanted was to have the user be able to click on whatever bucket and have it activate a preloader which is in that buckets movieclip(the preloader is a 100 frame animation unmasking the hover state for that bucket). So each bucket has its own preloader that loads the corresponding external .swf file of that portfolio piece.

Once the preloader has finished I want it to tell the main portfolio section to tween off the stage and have the portfolio piece .swf tween onto the stage. Right now the preloaders sit 4 movieclips in from the main timeline.

Am I setting this up right?

Or is there an better way to go about this?

Thanks for you help and any suggestions/tips are much appreciated!