Preloader question - only shows up halfway done?

I would like the preloader to show up immediately, but it remains blank…then suddenly it shows up about halfway, three quarters through the download…sorta useless, don’t you think?

Here’s the url so you can see:
(once it’s loaded, click on “automated”. I don’t have a preloader on the initial movie yet).

The movie is three movies all together. A container and two externals.

The preloader is in the first frame of the “automated” movie.

Here’s the AS:

assessLoad = function (clip, endPreloadFunc)
  var kbLoaded = clip.getBytesLoaded()/1024;
  var kbTotal = clip.getBytesTotal()/1024;
  var percent = Math.floor(kbLoaded/kbTotal*100);
  preloader.bytesloaded.text = Math.floor(kbLoaded)+"Kb"
  preloader.totalloaded.text = Math.floor(kbTotal)+"Kb"
  preloader.percentloaded.text = Math.floor(kbLoaded/kbTotal*100); = percent;
  if ((kbLoaded/kbTotal == 1) && kbLoaded>1)
 endPreload = function ()
  preload = setInterval (assessLoad, 100, this, endPreload); = 0;

Driving me batty. Anyone?