Preloader question

My first post here and any info or help would be much appreciated…:smiley:

I’ve read all the preloader tutorials, and I’ve spent about 2 days smacking my head against the wall on this and I think I cannot see the forest through the trees at this point.
I have an original flash site that has a preloader mc and it functions 100%.

//code for the original site preloader that functions

bytesLoaded = (_level0.getBytesLoaded());
bytesTotal = (_level0.getBytesTotal());
percentSetup = ((bytesLoaded/bytesTotal)*100);
percentage = int(percentSetup) add “%”;
if (bytesLoaded == bytesTotal) {

I take this preloader and dump it into a new site and it doesn’t work…:-/

Now this new site is actually much larger than the original site and the swf for it is close to 2 MB.

Is there a size constraint that makes using preloaders inefficient?

I’ve tried making the preloader in another scene and still no go, maybe I should try the preloader and load the site with AS for loading an external swf? I’ve read a few post from the forum and I’m not sure I understand ‘how’ to get the preloader to match the % bytes of the externally loading swf…

Any suggestions?