Preloader question

I’m trying to grasp some of the basic concepts of flash… somehow the posts i search don’t quite sink in :crazy: Hopefully this will be easy for you experts out there…

I did the photo gallery tutorial and added captions - thanks to help from this forum - all is good. I had posted earlier about a lot of noise while running this app from cd – mainly the code keeps going back to the cd to access the photos. Silly me finally figured out – I need a preloader! ummm… I think…?

Can I just preload the images at startup and keep them cached?

I’m not worried about the speed - it works fine as far as that goes. The thing I want to avoid is the swf having to go back to the cd every time you change photos.

Somehow I think this post makes no sense. I promise I’m not just posting - I’m reading old posts, tutorials… :puzzle: