Preloader transition external .swf stopped working

I have a project, on the main timeline I placed a mc containing a scalable random background slideshow and a mc containing the actual website.

Now (since i placed the website in a seperate mc) my transition between the external .swf files stopped working, it does close (in my case fade in) but it doesn’t open again (fade out)?

When I had the whole website without the background on the main timeline, everything worked fine (been using this in a few projects before). it had _root all over, i tried to replace this with _parent but still no luck… anybody know what I’m doing wrong… been staring at and trying this for days now.

Here is the code on the buttons in the mc containing the ‘website’:

b1.onRelease = function() {
    if (section != "01_content.swf") {
        section = "01_content.swf";

Here is the code on the mc of the transition’:

frame 1:

_parent.section = "01_communicatie_sub1.swf";

on the keyframe with label closing:


last frame of the transition: