Preloader trouble

I have recently Added sound to my site which makes it a little larger so i actually need my preloader now but it has decided not to work it is kinda offputting seen as it takes a while to load now on modem connections so i have had to put a notice up the fla is located here

if u can get it workin I would be grateful Cheers


Dead link…

sorry its

i forgot id zipped it

had to post to DL it…

no dude www. isnt in it it wont work with that in i dont think it would just be

oh it worked fine… right-click and “Save as”…

Anyway, When I make my preloaders, I usually put’em in the first scene, then all the content it’s supposed to load in scene2…

I’m sorry, your fla is just confusing me! :stuck_out_tongue:

well yeah it is kinda confusing its coz i named all the layers I usually make my loaders in frame 1 and load everything after that it usually works it was workin fine till i put sound in


nTotal = getBytesTotal()/1000
nLoaded = getBytesLoaded()/1000
nPercent = Math.round((nLoaded/nTotal)*100)
nRemain = Math.round(nTotal - nLoaded)
if (nRemain<= 0 && nLoaded != 0){
if(length(nPercent) == 1){
	nPercent = "0"+nPercent
loader._xscale = nPercent

that will show you the progress, and then in the next frame put

gotoAndPlay(_currentframe - 1)

that didnt work have a play about with it for me u are prob alot better at preloaders than me