Preloader tutorial


I´m having a problem with the preloader tutorial. I was wondering if someone could take a look at the attached .fla to see why the dynamic text doesn´t show up.

I downloaded the final_preloader .fla and that works fine, but the only difference I find is that the final_preloader DOESN´T HAVE AN INSTANCE NAME FOR THE DYNAMIC TEXT FIELD. But it works. How is that possible?

Meanwhile, mine does have the correct “kirupatxt” instance name and it doesn’t work.

I also copied the final_preloader “preloader” frame into another .fla and in the code used this.loading instead of this.kirupatxt and it STILL WORKED! Huh? It seems that the final_preloader dynamic text field has some kind of magic that makes it work even if references to it vary and it doesn´t even have an instance name to refer to.

I´m sure I´m missing something. Any help?


the attachment was too big…

well maybe someone can shed light on this anyway?