Preloader unDynamic Text

Hi there,
I’ve been having some problems with preloaders. I have checked out various forums, but can’t seem to find help on my particular situation.

the pages are currently on
when you click on the buttons at the bottom there should be a simple preloader with a dynamic text box that shows the loaded percentage. instead, it reads “_level0.dropZone.myText”

myText is the name of the dynamic text box in the preloader scene

dropZone is the name of an empty mc. there is one swf that has the background image and nav, and all the content is called into the swf.

my thinking is that somehow the dynamic text box is ‘too deep’ by being called in like that. any ideas? my preloader code is as follows:

myLoaded = Math.round(getBytesLoaded());
myTotal = Math.round(getBytesTotal());
myPercent = myLoaded/myTotal;
myBar._width = myPercent150;
myText = Math.round(myPercent
if (myLoaded == myTotal) {
myText = “”;
gotoAndPlay(“Scene 1”, 1);
}else {

i am a rookie at AS, go easy on me.