Its a page for a Onlinge game Squad, for Delta force Landwarrior. where there is a statistik running ASP/FLASH.
took me a while to make it work.
now how do I make a preloader wait until ASP is done ?
go to site and click on stats


If you’re reading from an ASP you can do a couple things.
A) if your movie is using an onMovieClip(); command to function, loadVariables(); command, then you can add onClipEvent(data){

on clip event “data” will exicute when ever data completes it’s load into the flash player.

In addition to that, you can simply put a variable at the end of your ASP, something like


then in your FLA you could use something thing
if (flagLoaded==true){

Both of these methods seem to work… though I’m only just starting to explore them myself.