hey all,

i have a problem and i hope some1 can help me with it…

i want to create a preloader of my own…i want a jpeg picture to be my preloader, is that possible? like the picture i have is of a speedometer of a car, i want the RPM to be the amount of percent loaded, can some1 help me, or give me some ideas, i’d appreciate anyones help…thnx

make the picture for your preloader … try to make it small in file size as the purpose of a preloader is that it loads quickly.

once you have that set make your speedometer and do a full animation of it going from 0-60 (over 100 frames) or whatever speed you want it to go up to

then put a script on the first frame that detects the difference between bytesLoaded and bytesTotal of your target movie (this will give you a percent loaded) then make a script that tells the movie to gotoAndStop on the frame corresponding to the percent loaded.

simple enough but the code would take me a bit of testing to figure out :slight_smile:

hope this helps