Preloaders for loading external swf


I have a few swfs loaded into the ‘main’ swf file through ‘load movie’. As each of the independent swfs are quite big files, I need a preloader for each of them. However, when I include the ‘load movie’ in the ‘main swf’, the independent swfs have not finished loading yet, and the movie bounces back to the begining, which is not my intention. Am I using a wrong type or preloader? I’m actually using the preloader I got from Kirupa, the one which is load with percentage.

Can someone help me out here? The ‘main.swf’ will display a blank white wall if I take off the preloaders.

Also, I originally created the flash in MAc, and the ‘load movie’ command links to, say…painting.swf. But when I transfer the files to PC, it automatically changes to painting, without the swf. extension. As a result, the link could not be read. I modified the url in the load movie command to ‘painting’ without the extension. I have yet to test on a mac, but I think it would not work. Any ways out of this?