Preloading a separate .swf file.. but

how do i preload/load a separate .swf file whilst another one is playing? so when it is called upon it will play with no lag?

A simple wat to this would be::

in the first frame of your main move [ if u have an intro, in the first frame of that ] us the ‘loadMovie’ action and load it up as norm - with your prloader in it…

in the first frame of the movie you r loading into the main movie add the action ‘stop’ - do not have anything in this frame apart from the stop action…

the movie will sit there until the the interaction that you want is preformed…i.e:

a button on the main time line is clicked…butt actions::

on (press) {
_root.mc_name.gotoAndPlay (2);

i hope this makes sence… i am a little hungover…so i may be babbling… :wink:

i know there are more complex ways of preforming this… i am currently working on somthing simular a project i am doing myself…i will let you know what i come up with…