Preloading - Behaving Weirdly

I don’t know if it’s just me, but when i test the preloading on Flash’s “test movie”, the preloading bar extends smoothly. I tested with the supposed 56k, dsl, and t1 and all of the bar runs smoothly. But when i upload it to the website, it’s far from smooth. I get symptoms like, 1) progress bar starts load 3/4 full rather than 0 full. 2.) sometimes the bar looks LONGER than it’s boundary. The code i’m using was from

if someone could please help…

i found out that the script works fine with player6.0/as.1.0 but when i try it with player7.0/as2.0 (MX2004), it will preload but the bar won’t budge. Could anyone help please?

  1. some things get loaded before the preloader starts:
    -the preloader itself
    -every thing with the linkage setting “export in first frame”

so if you have a rather small movie it takes most time till the preloader is loaded
2) I guess you have a movieclip as loading bar, and you scaled the movieclip manually, so it isn’t 100% at all.

and if you use your preloader to scale it to 100 later, it is bigger that its boundary

sometimes when I upload it on my server and load directly off of it, it gets all distorted and weird. Maybe this is the same thing thats happening. Try visiting the actual URL for the file, I dunno it might help.

well the problem i figured out is that it’s flash player 7. i thought it might of been as2.0… but it works fine in player6. so does anyone know what changes i need to make so that i can get it to operate correctly in player 7?