Preloading dynamically loaded JPGs

i have lotsa buttons with dynamically loaded JPGs in it. how do i preload dynamically loaded JPGs so the stage won’t have a blank space and then one by one the pictures appear?

after clicking on enter, there are buttons on the right side…click on the “L” button or “G” button…to see what i’m tryin to say…

Hey ultramarc, I thought I came up with a way to do this before, but for some reason when I upload to the server the preloader goes, but the image comes up blank.

Very weird, I don’t understand what I did wrong, but then again, I didn’t work with it too much, been too busy lately.

I won’t be around tonight, so hopefully someone else will come in here and post some working code.

For me and you ;)…lol.

ok…another question: how do i preload dynamically loaded jpgs along with preloading the whole movie?

and how to do this preloading pics in this site

and how will i be able to do the effect in that site when it goes from one section to another? it’s a very cool effect!

i mean…preloading ALL dynamically loaded jpegs along with preloading the whole movie or after preloading the whole movie…