Preloading ext. swf into main without a mc_holder

hi there, first of all big up for this very nice feed on info on the kirupa site.

I have a question i can’t seem to find the proper answer for.

As i am building my site. i’d like to pre-load all my external swf files onto the main swf. i am not using a mc holder

here’s my little structure so far.
main swf > loads the mp3 player swf + navigation swf
(no problem here)
the navigation loads the different contents.
(no problem aswell)
i have uploaded the “test” site so far. maybe this helps
gazmazk test site
now for my question. is there a way to preload all my external swf files when preloading the main swf. so that the users will have no bugger in trying to surf my little web.(i was thinking of putting a enter button on the main swf 's frist frame so that the preloading starts >for all external swf’s from this point)

(i tried to look things up at this point, but i don’t find the proper fitting answer. i might overlook , tips & advice is much appreciated)
thnx heaps in advance.