Preloading external swfs in background

Is there a way to tell flash to preload a number of swfs in the background (meaning no visual cue to the end user that this is happening), while the current movie is playing?

The idea is when the user clicks on a button to move to another area, that swf has already been preloaded in to memory or cache and loads instantly.

Or is there a better way to do this? Any help? :thumb:

sure… you can load as many swf as you want. you can use some stuf like createEmptyMovieClip and _alpha property. Initialize _alpha property to 0 in pre-lading clips and When movie playing is done you can change _alpha property to 100 for displaying pre-loaded movie in your main movie :wink:

this is just one way, there can be other ways… using your creativity

Hi there!
I think that you want the object in stage loaded onLOad the flash file.
Here you have one more possibility to do that realize.

On the first frame put this code:
give a name instace to the MC that had load to stage
(example: first_MC)

first_MC._visible = false;

You can put all swf’s that you want on stage, just give a diferent instance name to the MC’s.

Then, on the buttons you give 1 click over, and open actions.

on (release){
first_MC._visible = true;

That’s it my friend!!
I hope that was helpfull!!