Preloading in main movie

Hey everybody can somebody give me a clue on how to build the following: I will have a main.swf that has 3 buttons in th emain swf is a movieclip that will load in the new movies when clicking on one of the 3 buttons. when i click on one of the buttons the movieclip content will dim to 50% alpha or something like that then the preloader starts preloading in the main swf and when he is finished the new swf appaers. Basically what i need to know is how the preload external swf files from the main swf

I donno whether I understood wat u have put across… But If I am right…
U can use a preloader in the three different swf’s itself… then load that in to ur main movie on release of a button.

I think this was ur problem…
If u can better explain wat exactly u r looking for … may be I could put forward my ideas…

:cowboy: Sam

hey Suranija here is a site that works like the way i want it

As you take the swf files out of your temporary internet files you will see that the preloader is in the main swf file.
when clicking on a button you will still see the previous swf file but then faded out a little.

Hopefully you will understand what i mean.

The method i use creating a empty movie clips and loading each movies

Heres the script

//-------------------------------------------------- [ GLOBAL PRELOADER] ----------------------------------------------------------//
var empty = this.createEmptyMovieClip(“cup”, “100”);
empty._x = 0;
empty._y = 177.0;
my_mc_load = new MovieClipLoader();
preload = new Object();
preload.onLoadStart = function(targetMC) {
trace("started loading "+targetMC);
cup._alpha = 0;
bar.endR = 100;
pText._visible = true;
preload.onLoadProgress = function(targetMC, lBytes, tBytes) {
bar._width = (lBytes/tBytes)*899;
pText.text = “% “+Math.round((lBytes/tBytes)*100);
preload.onLoadComplete = function(targetMC) {
cup._alpha = 100;;
bar.endR = 0;
pText._visible = false;
trace(targetMC+” finished”);
if (section_ID == “intro_sequeance”) {
if (section_ID == “home_sequeance”) {

if you load any movie to dynamically generated mc “cup” preloader will activate and will play the mc after preloading. Here “bar” is my preloader instance name

Hope this helps…


hey many thanks for the script.
I maybe asking alot but would you have a sample file for me so i can study it because my actionscript knowledge is not that big.