Preloading stuff into duplicated mc's

I have rather an unusual problem here. Maybe anyone has come across this and knows exactly what I’m looking for because I’ve looked around here and the web quite a lot and haven’t found anything. I’ll try to make it short and sweet:

I have a miniplayer with a loadbar for an mp3 being loaded into the movie. Then I duplicate the miniplayer, with mp3’s coming from an xml file. I’ve put a “for” loop to duplicate the miniplayer the number of mp3’s in the xml, naming them [“miniplayer”+i] like this:

for (i = 0;i<mp3count;i++){
_root.miniplayer.duplicateMovieClip("miniplayer" + i,i+1000);
//some code to position the miniplayers

Then I use this code to load the mp3’s into the miniplayers:

_root["miniplayer"+i].mySound = new Sound()

Then I use an onEnterFrame to show the load progress like this:

_root["miniplayer"+i].onEnterFrame = function(){
this.lbytes = this.mySound.getBytesLoaded();
this.tbytes = this.mySound.getBytesTotal();
this.lpercent = Math.round(this.lbytes/this.tbytes*100));
this.loadedbar._width = this.lpercent;

Now here comes the problem: When I preview the movie in download mode, some of the loadbars seem to work fine, but some already come up filled 100% whereas I can see that they’re still being loaded.

Thanks for any help in advance :slight_smile: