Preloading SWF Video

Im using Sorenson to make a swf video file. I would like to preload the swf file because Sorenson does not add one. Using the load movie command how do I preload the video swf displaying totalbytes a bar and all that jazz. Anyone got any code?

Try this

Try What?

Click the this part of my last reply

Hmmm, I didnt see a difference in color on the “this”…

Thanks. :beam:


Thats not relevant to my situation.
I have a swf with a video in it.
I cannot import the swf to add a preloader.
I want to load the video swf into my main swf.
But I need to display preloader for video swf from the main swf because I cant import the video swf.

There are loads of tuts on this subject. If this isn’t for you just try searching.

I just thought you could build a preloader then add it to the first fame of the first scene. That’s all I do…