Preloading swfs in swf on another html

is it posible to have something like this:
index.html with index.swf which is linked to a home.html page. On that home.html page i have 3 swfs and i would like that those 3 swfs are loaded before index.html let me get to home.html page. So i would have a script on index.swf which would cheack when those 3 files are loaded and only than redirect me to home.html page.

thanks for your time.

cheers :beer:

ummm… can you put it a bit more clear, I mite know wut ur talking about but im confused about what your asking.

the code should be in index.swf on index.html … and it should cheack if all 3 swfs on home.html are ready to play instantly …

cheers :beer:

let me get it straight, so want the 3 flash in home.html to load with index.swf and when index.swf loads you want it to redirect people to home.html?

i want index.swf to cheack if header.swf, body.swf and footer.swf on home page are rdy to start playing … and if all tree are loaded than the index.swf redirects u to home.html :slight_smile:


Oh i thought u were talking about wut I said, srry I don’t know how to do that.