Who do I know when to use a preload?
When should I use it?

in flash mx when you test the movie ( Control > Test Movie ) or (Ctrl + Enter) then you can press ( View > Bandwidth Profiler )(Ctrl + B) to get the bandwidth profiler. that will give you an idea of where your trouble spots are that you might want to preload. also if you know you have lots of big image files or movies / sound then you should probably use a preloader.

hope this helps :slight_smile:

See the thing is i have a slide show with buttons that move from one frame to another. When moving back and forth the frame stalls on the picture it was on. I dont know what i need to do.

the images when viewed on the web should be loaded from external files

for each image make an .swf file that has a preloader and the image. then just load those movies to their propper frames depending on how you want it.

hope this helps

if you still don’t understand … maybe you could post your fla file without the images … just put boxes where the images should be so you don’t have a huge upload to this site … and i’ll try to help you figure it out :slight_smile:

i dont get it
Look at
That is the slide show.
The green plant sitting on the washbasin is the only picture that should still be there when you take the mouse off the squares.

very nice

looks like it all works to me

i see the plant on the counter then i mouse over a square and a new picture comes up then i mouse out and back to the original plant on a counter … seems to work fine

and it didnt take long at all to load … your images seem to be fine for the web so i dont think you need a preloader for each one. you may put one at the beginning of your movie.

if you get more than 25 images that size or so then you should probably preload each one from seperate swf files.

does that answer your question?

somehow i think i missed the question again :slight_smile:

i just caught the slideshow doing something odd

if you mouseOver then mouseOut too quickly then the image stays and thats because (i think) it didnt have time to loop through the frame once more to finish the action and realize it was supposed to go back to the other picture.

i think if you bump up your framerate to 25 fps or so … that should eliminate that problem

the site looks nice … again … good job :slight_smile:

the thing is if you go back and forth a couple of times it slows down and pauses on some pictures. Also on a 56k modem it takes a really long time to show.

i fixed the sticky frames but if i have different scenes where do i put the preloader for each scene. In every scene I have a picture. When you switch frames in the slide show it is changing back and forth in between scenes.

ack … i hate using scenes

i usually don’t use them but if you are going to i would assume you put the preloader in the first frame of the scene.

although i’m pretty sure flash will load all the scenes when it loads the movie … i could be wrong though

What do you normally do instead of scenes?
Is there something easier?
Keep in mind that you have to be able to go back and forth without playing like a movie.

yeah … keep it all in one scene … either on different frames telling the buttons to go to different frames and then back … each frame containing a different picture … or you can have just one frame and have the images in symbols and set the buttons to display the symbols when they are rolled over

theres a buncha ways to do everything :slight_smile:

does that make sense