Preloador problem! i give up!

hi everyone!!!
My problem is this!!i have a main swf, when i try to load a second swf- that contains 2 scenes(the first scene is the preloador)- into the main swf the, when hi test it in a server, the preloador doesnt work! please need help!!!
thanks to all!!

preloaders of loaded movies don’t work in the publishing environment. upload the files to a server and test them there.

yes, i have tried that, but even whwn i upload to a server and test there, it doesnt work!!!i have a percent bar when is loading the swf!! the bar it´s already in the 100% in the beginning of the loading of the swf! i check de code and i thinh its correct!!
please help me!!
thanks very much!!!

If you’re using getBytesLoaded, make sure your’re target the correct path/level, so if your’re loading into a movie clip called holder it would be

_root.holder.getBytesLoaded(); not just _root.getBytesLoaded(); as this would give you the bytes of the main timeline, which is already loaded.

It’s amazing how many post I see about preloaders. They seem to be a pain for everyone.

yes i think its that!!!thanks very much!!!
i think it was perhaps that i have to scenes in the main swf, and the swf that i load to the main swf has the same name scenes!!
do you thanks that may be the problem!!!
thanks very much for the help!!!