Prerendering SWFs

I have to produce a animation for a certain project, and have chosen Flash because I know it well and it provides all the techniques etc I need… Yadda… Yadda… Yadda…

However, this animation is very graphic intensive, and contains a load of detail/filters/complex vector drawings which draw VERY slowly when the SWF is run (for obvious reasons). So, I need some way of pre-rendering the SWF as an AVI/MPEG/MOV/Whatever (The final movie doesn’t have to be vector or SWF, it can be a movie, it just has to run smooth). So naturally, I thought “I will export as an AVI instead of SWF”. All goes well and the animation runs smoothly. HOWEVER, when the movie is played, it only plays the _root timeline and won’t play any animations inside MC’s on the stage. (e.g. I have a repeating leg walk animation stored in ‘legmovement’ mc on the stage, but it won’t play). I know why this is, I just don’t know how to solve it… And finally we get to my actual question… Can you pre-render an SWF to play EXACTLY like an SWF (With all mc’s playing)? Are there any programs out there that do it? (I have tried a few and they still only play the _root timeline).

Thanks if anyone has any suggestions… :ch: