Pretended preloader (emailing fla)

hello ther again.
is there anyone that can do this?

i have a fla i can post by email and the request is to set the mc inside to be the preloader animation
instead of the usual bar or percentage display

thanks a million for helping


well if you have the mc set up a simple gotoAndPlay() will work on your submit button

sorry didn’t quite understand were the button falls into the problem.

i want an mc to replace the load progress bar on the preloader scene and play in the proportion to the loaded fla’s frames.
how to…

thanks for helping

well you can replace the loaderbar with an mc but you’ll have to change your code a bit. claudio or kax can help much more than i can. search the forums for claudio and kax with preloader keywords, that will help more than i can

I’m struggling to understand the “email” part of the question (?)

and at the same time -
some description of what the animation will do and what happens at the end of it would help to visualize the problem as well

¿is this the main site preloader?
¿is this to preload something within the movie?