Prevent SWF Caching

Hey Guys,

I posted this in the Actionscript forum and they said it wasn’t possible, but I am hoping some of you might be able to prove them wrong… here is my post:

Is it possible for me to have my SWF files NOT be cached by browsers? The reason being is that my main navigation system is set up in Flash, but it doesn’t seem to load the “newer” versions unless I clear my cache first (when viewing in Tomcat anyways…)

If you could let me know it would be a great help… thanks!

Added: The site will be going “Live” in a few weeks and this is a major feature of the site. Especially when we start up because we will be continually adding new areas to the site which will only be accessible through the navigation menu I created in flash. If the users cannot be assured of always getting the newest SWF Menu, then certain sections of the site may never be visited.



Can someone please explain to me what that question mark does in that random statement?


the question mark after the .swf declares that the next bunch of stuff are variables, its normally used in php for searches such as

Oh, I think that makes sense. Pretty clever. thanks for the idea, and the explanation. I appreciate it!