Prices? new design? take a look folks!

A few things I would like to ask all of my friends on this forum. OK, here goes. Firstly, I have done this very simple site for a friend for free, it includes graphics, flash, the whole lot. I did it for free. I wonder this, How much would you charge for a site of this size - graphics, flash etc? (please try and imagine all the links working. The only ones that do are home page, map page and contact page) When cosidering how much you might charge, please imagine a similar approach to all links. (I am in the uk but have a currency converter:)

I have posted little bits of this project before, If you have seen any before, ignore those and tell me what you think of this attempt. I am new to the whole process, graphics and web design and I don’t claim to be a good designer.

Any sort of feedback would be great, I know you are all more than willing.

Thank you my friends.