Pricing question

I have a pretty big Flash project that I’m starting on and I’m trying to figure out what to charge. Since many of you have more experience with this than I do, I was hoping you could give me an idea about what a fair price would be.

Here is the project:

A software company needs 9 three minute tutorials that are animated and interactive. They will go on the disk with the software. I’m doing them in Macromedia Captivate and then touching them up in Flash. They also want an animated overview displaying the software’s features that lasts about 3 minutes and has an intro and outro animation for the website. And finally, they also want 7 brief demo animations for their website with parts taken from the 9 tutorials.

I know that’s not much information, but from what I’ve provided, can you give me some idea of what price range that amount of work would fall into?