Print Paper Settings


I am using PrintJob class in my movie. My Movie size is :
650 (width) x 842 (height) pixels.

I am getting a print functionality working fine. (using A4 Paper) But I still find some unnecesary space at the bottom. Actually my print area is quite big so what I am doing is:

var my_pj = new PrintJob ();
if (my_pj.start ()) {
for (var i = 0; i< _root.iPages; i++) {
var x = MainPrint [“prints” + i]._xscale;
var y = MainPrint [“prints” + i]._yscale;
MainPrint[“prints” + i]._xscale = 85;
MainPrint[“prints” + i]._yscale = 95;
my_pj.addPage(MainPrint[“prints” + i]);
MainPrint[“prints” + i]._xscale = x;
MainPrint[“prints” + i]._yscale = y;

	my_pj.send ();
	delete my_pj;

I am scaling the width and height then only i can see all the content on the page. Width is working fine. I am finding lot of space say around 30-40 pixels blank. Can anyone give me solution on this ??

I have tried

MainPrint[“prints” + i]._yscale = 100;
MainPrint[“prints” + i]._yscale = 110;

But then cant see the bottom text. Please help me out with this…!!!