Print scrolling text field

Hello i load data from xml file and i show the content. But if i try to print the field, it prints only the visible area. I have tried to do this with counting how many signs could i print in one page but there is a problem when i have new empty line. How can i print the data from the field on several pages. Thank you in advance. This is my code.

function BasicPrintExample(event:MouseEvent) {
	var txt:TextField = new TextField();
    		 txt.height = 1000;
            txt.width = 500;
			txt.x = 50;
			txt.y = 50;
            txt.wordWrap = true;
            txt.text = bad_data;
			var sheet:MovieClip = new MovieClip();
			var basic:MovieClip = new MovieClip();;
  , 0x000000);
  ,0, 596, 1000);