Print sent to printer but no page gets printed

Ok, this is a function that used to work…so I didn’t check it for a while…and I did not edit it from when it was working in any way…but now the print function does not produce a page from the printer…when I click “Print View” the print dialog box comes up, and I can choose my printer, and when I click ok, there is a tooltip near the windows clock that says document sent to printer, but the printer never does anything…I have tested this in several printers and several computers…I have also tried to output to a pdf…and it allows me to choose a file name to save to but it never creates the file…what gives?

print button code:

printButton.onRelease = function()
    var pj:PrintJob = new PrintJob();
    var mc:MovieClip = _root.CAD_mc;
    var bmp:BitmapData = new BitmapData(1120,720,true);
    _root.bmp_mc._visible = false;
    var bInit:Boolean = pj.start();
        _root.bmp_mc._width = 800;
        _root.bmp_mc._yscale = _root.bmp_mc._xscale;

Please take a look and tell me what you guys think…thanks…