Printbutton in flash to print htmlpage

I do not know how to make a button t print a specific htmlpage.
I guess it is a script. Do not know the script.


Jeje, does it have to be in flash?

< script type=“text/javascript” >
function docprint() {
if (navigator.appName == “Netscape”) {
} else {
document.body.insertAdjacentHTML(“beforeEnd”, “< object id=‘PrHandle’ width=0 height=0 classid=‘CLSID:8856F961-340A-11D0-A96B-00C04FD705A2’ >< /object >”);
< /script >

The above is to be placed in HEAD. Below is the form:

< form >
< input type=“button” value=“Skriv ut” onClick=“docprint();” >
< /form >

Yes, but I want to put the code in the flashbutton.
Can I put in the url-thing at the action set?

Please the code to put a flash button to print iut a HTMLpage?

Because I already have the code in HTML.

Thank you

as in “a flash button which prints the swf file” or as in “a flash button which prints a defined html document” or “a flash button which prints the document the file is loaded in”?