Printing everything VISIBLE in a movie clip (rather than merely one thing)

Good morning, everyone!

On an application I’m building I’ve got a movieclip called “viewer”, built in my main .swf file, that contains 8 other movie clips. In my application, I have multiple images that can be loaded into the movie clips inside the clip “viewer”.

Here’s my issue - I designed this with the hope that everything loaded in the clips within “viewer” would print. In terms of loading all the pieces I want the application works fine through the browser. However, when I go to print the image I’ve created within the movie clip “viewer”, only the most recent item loaded prints…not the image that’s onscreen. Any ideas why this is malfunctioning?

(Thanks in advance and God bless.)

function printContent(event:MouseEvent) {
var printJob:PrintJob = new PrintJob();

if (printJob.start()) {  

  if (viewer.width > printJob.pageWidth) {  
     viewer.width = printJob.pageWidth;  
      viewer.scaleY = viewer.scaleX;