Printing from stand alone

ok here is the problem, I have a stand alone that brings .swf’s into it from the web, now on some of these .swf’s I have areas that I want to print. each .swf has its own print button on the frame that I whant it to print. the problem is that either it trys to print 113 pages or if I label it then it prints the outline of the standalone player also. the standalone is 800 x 600 set to full screen. the .swf’s load in at 603.3 x 509.3
I have tried

on (release) {
print ("#b", “bframe”);
bounding set to frame. well heck I think I have tried every combination under the print command in flash 5
Hope someone will be able to help with this one.
thanks for anything anyone can do here.


#b should be on the frame containing the bounding box (only one per fla

bframe will scale every frame to fill the page

you can use !#p on the 1st frame of a timeline to disable printing, and then #p on the frame you want allowed to be printed and #b on the frame containing the outline you want to act as bounding box.