Printing issue

I really stuck up with dis problem and need urgent soln…:puzzled:

Currently i have a printing script that works in the following manner:

For printing i create multiple movie clips based on the data i get in the xml file.
Then i add all these movieclips to one main movie clip and then send the parent movieclip via print job class object to the spooler…

This works fine if the volume of data is small(i.e. 25-30 pages) but gives me a scripting error(plz see attachment for the exact error) if there is bulk data.:diss:

Ive tried reading the xml data in chunks(i.e. data for 10 pages) and sending the same to the spooler, but this throws multiple print dialog boxes.
eg: for 100 pages it throws me the print dialog box 10 times…
Its here that im stuck up!!!:tired:
I need to suppress the print dialog box so that it shows up only once!!!

Any other work-around other than the one that im currently trying is most welcome!!!