Printing PS text question

Hey guys,

I´m working on the art and design of a CD. This is the first time I´m doing this and everything is going ok and it is basically finished, but I do have a question because I´m afraid to deliver the PS files and to make a mistake.

In the records company print department website they put PS TIPS and one says:

Type that has been set in Photoshop may not print with clean, sharp edges. While this may be acceptable for titles, logos and larger type, it can make smaller type unreadable (below 7 pt.). For sharp type, use a vector-based program such as Quark, Illustrator, or InDesign.

I do have some text below 7 pt (copyright text and stuff) and I´m afraid I´ll mess up. They say that for sharper type I should use a vector-base program but I already have everything set up in Photoshop. Honestly, I´m lost here and I need some guidance: can I make the text in AI and import it to PS and not lose the text quality? Should I move everything to AI instead? (wish this one is not the answer)…what should I do?