PrintJob chops off the last line of dynamic textfield?

Hello all. I have my PrintJob “working,” more or less, so that’s good, but I’m noticing some odd behavior: I have a sprite that contains two styled dynamic textfields; the first one is multiline/wordWrap, and the second is just one line centered along the bottom of the page.

Visually (on screen), everything looks right. However, when I print the (one page) sprite on paper, the last line of the multiline textfield is missing; if I print to PDF, everything looks great, but I’m not sure why the hardcopy is missing the last line in the textfield.

Has anyone else run into this? If so, has anyone managed to get around it? Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I changed the font-family to Serif, set embedFonts to false, and got rid of anti-aliasing; that seems to work (no missing lines, at least!), and for this, I can live with that – but I’m still curious if anyone else has run into a truncated line problem with PrintJob…