PRO EVO 4! coming soon any fans

Pro Evolution Soccer 4!!!

Can’t wait. 3 is by far the best footy sim ever made (yes even better than sensible world of soccer!!) 4 is scheduled to be released on 22/10/04.

Got to save up that means got to buy:-

Doom 3
Half life 2
Pro evo 4
Gran Turismo 4
Quake 4

Wow good gaming times ahead!!

yes I cant wait! but Im waiting for the xbox version due out this september I think :pleased:

ARGH! CANT WAIT!!! it would be great if it supports xbox live so I can kick ur *** simon! :smiley:

but ur talking about the ps2 version huh? in that case ur safe :wink:

Yeah i was talking bout the ps2 version.

However if it is on xbox live I think that sounds like a challenge berkoWitZ.
I could borrow my dads Xbox for a honourable battle.

Yeah I cant wait I think ive played pro evo more than any other game on the planet. and when you get a few mates round with the beers, it really just kicks off!! ha ha

“Pro evo rules, FIFA is just a joke!!”

counting the days till PES4 comes out on PC, a good site for all the soccer gaming info is at

others titles im looking forward to::

GTA :sa:
NSF Underground2
nba live 2005 (DUNK COMP!!! :drool: .)

nba live 2005 (DUNK COMP!!! :drool: .)

Wow!!! really I will add that to my list too!! :moustache

I refuse to visit any football site with the word “soccer” in it :stuck_out_tongue: (and the S in PES doesn’t stand for soccer… it stands for… uh… sim)

sounds awesome though :smiley:

lol, its really called “WE8” or Winning Eleven 8, which is in Asia. But releases of a Pal version for America and other countries had it renamed PES4 (Pro Evolution Soccer 4). it dosent bother me one bit :wink: as long as i can play it. :thumb:

id give anyone a game on pro.
its my most played game…dating back to the first iss on the ps1.

anyone interested in posting their best 11 in PES3/WE?

it’s sorta on the same topic, if thats cool with simoneonestop.

oh man cant wait, yea playing one night with a bunch of friends and some beers its classic :D, Im dying to play it cause I sold my ps2 and I have like 15 months of not playing it! :frowning:

I used to play a lot with Argentina and my brother with england, great matches! :pleased:

ok, im waiting for pes4 and nfs udg 2 but… what about starcraft 2?? nothing was announced, yet… uff!! :puzzled::puzzled::puzzled:

what about HALO 2? :vamp:

Yeah I kind of got bored of the first Halo it seemed to drag on for ages doing the same stuff??
Maybe its just me, im more of an unreal tournament 2004 fan.

And Yeah post your teams here I will post mine tonight Ive gotta check my new transfers that I got last night!!

off the top of my head so spelling of names might be off(as if Konami has them right anyway :stuck_out_tongue: .)::

Season 11: I think 9 or 10 in a row championship (normal league and Champions league) first year was qualifiing to the 1st division league.

**star level: **3 and sometimes 4 for crap teams. (most of the time it’s 3 though)

Team : Juventus

Formation: 2-5-3

**forwards: **Henry, Owen

**mid: **Totti (plays center but mid way from half way line and the forwards)

-LW Kewell

-RW Beckham

**Mid Defenders: **R.Keane, Neved (but most of the time replaced by Dunn or Seedoff)

**Defenders: **Cannavaro, R.Ferdinand , Luzio

**Goalie: **Buffon

Subs: (well the ones i use most)
Neved or Seedoff

theres more, but that will do.


whoa, great team soulty! but I dont like cannavaro, I prefer Samuel, I used to play a lot with brazil -roberto carlos kick is amazing!- but got tired, I also like boca juniors or Manchester City -the team is so-so but one of the player´s is from my country, Wanchope :pleased:

**Team ** : Aston Villa

(players not in def place eg: left, center, right etc)

forwards: Shefshenko, Salas

forward mid: Zedan (plays center pushed forward)

-LW: Gils (gigs)

-RW: Bets (Best)

Mid: Figo, Neved (play off defenders, but push forward)

Defenders: F.De.Mole, Samual , Nesta

Goalie: Kalm (kahn)

Roberto Carlos
Simon Fortsch (me) MID
Alan Gannon (my flat mate) RIGHT WING
James Koeford (My other flat mate) FORWARD

plus loads more…

hehe Neved was cheap aye simon… good buy,:wink:
nice team :thumb:

i would of got some of the names that you did (eg Zidane), but i tried to collect a young age group, 25 years or less. although after 10 season, they are all old buggers now lol… kewell i think is the youngest in my team.