Prob. in simple code

Hi guys,
i’m not familiar with JavaScript but i’m sure there are a lot here to HELP me


Can you post an exact link to the file from the site you got it? I see in the source that you got it from , but they have tons of scripts and I don’t really have the time to look through them all to see what you are doing wrong.

I figured you would know what you got, so you should know the link (hopefully) :slight_smile:

hey lostinbeta,
thanx for your quick replay… but :frowning:
i’ve bad news for you that i’m not the owner for this code … someone ask me for help him and i tried but… i can’t so i’m sorry for wasting your time…
if you have time to look inside the code it’ll be great…

anyWay… thanx :slight_smile:

Well I will see what I can do to fix it. I will work on it later :slight_smile:

thanx man, your are a very helpful person :slight_smile:

Just doing my “job” :slight_smile:

Ok, the file is fixed now.

Took a lot of work… I redid the whole thing :slight_smile:

But it helped that I found the original code and the guys site (which I put in there as a comment tag in HTML).

It still gave me a lot of problems after that, but I fixed those too.

I changed the images to be a height and width of 1px, because i got tired of looking at squares with x’s, so just be sure to change that back when you add your images.

Ok, I hope it helps you out.

WowOoooooWWoooooo :beam: :beam:

you did it… :beam:
i didn’t find a wrod to thank you man, You are a [color=red]kind man[/color].

many [color=red]thanx[/color]

Hey its no problem at all :slight_smile:

It was a fun “project” =)

Hey FlashSwimmer. Here is the other version of it you wanted.

The one where it closes when another link is pressed.

This took me a while… so I posted it late because I was working on it all this time (and I didn’t forget about it).

I hope you like it.

Hi lostinbeta c:-)
really i can’t say a suitable word for … but i can’t say anything except many many many … [color=red]THANK YOU[/color]

it’s working great …
i hope i acn help you in future :slight_smile:

thanx again

It was no problem FlashSwimmer :slight_smile:

It was pretty fun to do (except when it didn’t want to work :stuck_out_tongue: ) so I enjoyed doing it.