Prob with _alpha in external swfs


Please bear with while I try to explain this!! :slight_smile:

I have a main flash file which has 2 blank container mc’s one loads the external navigation swf, the other loads the external content swf. I have another invisible mc off the main stage which contains the actionscript transition for the page content.

When I press a button on the navigation is sets a variable _global.newpage it then tells the transition to go to the frame “fade out” where I have this script…

onEnterFrame = function() {
        this._parent.pagecontent._alpha = this._parent.pagecontent._alpha + (0 - this._parent.pagecontent._alpha)/3;

the next frame is then

if (this._parent.pagecontent._alpha>=1) {

So once it has faded out completely, the movies goes on to this frame where it loads the _global.newpage variable & should set the alpha of the page to 100%…

loadMovie(_global.newpage, _parent.pagecontent);

But the problem is, it doesnt! It loads the new page, fades it on to about 20% alpha then dissapears!

Anyone got any ideas? Please help!

Thanks in advance, Jen :slight_smile:

Go on!! Someone help! Pleeeeeaaaase??!?

Can you post your fla('s)?


Ooooh ta scotty!!

Here are my fla’s - I had to strip them right down to get them under 70k!

I included the pages that Im loading in as swfs as they are not the problem.

Muchos appreciation if you can help dude!

Cheers, Jen :slight_smile:

The problems were in your transitions mc. I’ve changed the setup a little and I think it’s working now:)
If you have questions, just ask;)



You are an :angel:!!! Thank you so much! I have no idea what the code you used means, but Im sure thats because my actionscript is very basic.

Thanks again!!

Jen :}

Oh no!!!

I have replaced the transition mc in my file, and put the code into all the other buttons & now I have to double click the other buttons for the transition to happen! Any ideas? Sorry to be a pain!!!

Jen :puzzle:

Oh no :lol:
can you post your main.fla/upload it?


OK, here goes!

Why are you only permitted to upload 70k files?

I really appreciate you taking time out to help me!

Jen :slight_smile:

Here are the fla’s. I think the bug was in transition mc, the delete onEnterFrame… Now, after the pic has loaded, it goes back to frame 1, when it’s called the enterframe exists again:)
Also changed the AS in navigation.fla, it’s all commented, if you have question, just ask;)


Hi Scotty!

Thanks so much for that! You are a star!! I want to get really good at actionscript, I suppose it just takes time, learning it all, right?

Thanks again! Have a fun Monday!

Jen :slight_smile:

no problem:thumb:

Learning actionscript takes some time, but you’ll find great examples/tuts here on kirupa (and off course other sites/forums) which will let you learn it quickly;)