Problem accessing objects on stage

I have a problem accessing object on stage. The movieclip looks like this:
Stage contains about 10 movieclips. 2 layers, 1 frame actually.
All 10 movieclips are placed on stage. All have a defined external as file class.
1 movieclip is a checkbox from which i need to listen to click event.
9 movieclips are boxes doing something on rollover.
This 9 mc’s have another mc inside (it’s a number, also have a class written in external as file).
On stage classes by name: 1x Check, 9x Shop (every Shop contains 1x Numb class).
All placed in flash on stage, not from code added as child.
I want to numb class to listen to event raised by Check object on click, so numb can do something.
The problem is that i cannot access the Check object on Stage from Numb class. Mostly ends with error 1009.
this.parent.parent.check_mc -> position of Check class mc, but not found. Type casting didn’t resolve errors.
It looks like it’s something with stage objects initialization order.
Could anyone help me solve something like this? How to design structure of such movieclip to get rid of errors?:confused: