Problem buttons

I recently added simple flash buttons to my site, but when i was testing them on the main page of the site i noticed that they weren’t loading, and that after minutes of waiting with my cable modem they never loaded, i’m not sure what the problem is, because i made a test page for the buttons alone and there they loaded quickly. So, if anyone can help me with this problem it’d really be appreciated.


You must have the link to your flash menu wrong, what did you use to embed the flash file into your html and where is the html file located in also account to your flash file?

hey dude, i don’t really understand what you mean cause i just started using flash…but i’ll tell you what i did. To get the html i just went to “view:source” on the publish preview page. And from there i just put that html on the page that i wanted the buttons to appear, and uploaded it to the site via ftp. I have all coding for the flash on the same page as the normal html coding for stuff on the page that is non-flash.

heres what u do go back into your fla file make sure u have saved the file with no spaces coz when upload it wil put underscores in then u publish in explorer and view source some where in that script it will say he name of your swf file e.g. buttons.swf or buttons.fla so u change that there will be 2 places to change it tn sve it put it into ur web page builder or and save it upload the html within ur pag if u are using an ofline builder such as dreamweaver or frontpage and alo upload the buttons.swf that should sort u out if u have save eac button seperatly then just copy the script as many times as u need and change the file name


p.s sorry bout my typing my keyboard never works in this forum on aol