Problem in movieclip

Hai Friends!

Fine.Howz the day? As im a fresh person in the flash scripting.So please give your suggestion to solve this issue.

The issue is :  Created and stored the contents in XML file.Using the flash scripting we are retrieving the elements from that .xml file.As of now created a empty movieclip property in _root.After that store the contents in each movieclip.In the programming it created four movieclip based on the .xml file in the form of one behind other.I seen the last movieclip.

But my requirement is to look the movieclip from the first movieclip to the last movieclip using the <NEXT> and <PREVIOUS> button? if you know the logic or snippets or peice of code.It would helpful to sort of this problem.And also tell me the sites in which the flash scripting tutorials are best to read and understand with sample codes.

Thanks in advance.Any help would be appreciated.