Problem Loading image from XML


There is one strange problem i am facing in loading img from XML file. I am displaying reocrd of 1person at a time which contains his photograph also. I have one dynamic text field in flash, property (html, multiline) is set to TRUE.
I am able to get 1st image, but when i move to the nexrt record i am not able to get the other image in the same TextField. Similary sometimes i dont get anyimage also.

One of the attributes in XML :
<record photo="img src=<img001.jpg> " />

here if i add a letter “a” or any text before img tag then it comes fine for all records say:
<record photo=a "img src=<img001.jpg> " />

Strange…can anyone help me out with this ??? or faced similar kind of problem ??
Pls help…me