Problem loading movie from Dynamic textfield

Hi there,
Im newby and have a dumb question:
XML file on the server->import XML nodes in Flash movie and parse them into dynamic text fields. Says have many senders and one recipient. When sender creates the message, he can choose which movie clip to be played when recipient read it. Type(name) of the clip is stored in child node in XML file(type). When recipient click on button created from downloaded XML, the two things should happen:
first- to read message text &
second-to play the movie clip chosen from the sender. This must happen after only one click on the button in created XML menu. In the example i have two dynamic text fields-one for the message & second for the name of the chosen movie. I don’t need the name of the movie to appear in the second txt field, this is for make example clear.
My question is:
what is the code to load chosen(from sender) movie clip and play it on main timeline.
Excuse me for the broken english. I appreciate any help in advance.
function DisplayInfo(){
menu_mc._visible = true;
_root.content_txt.text = this.msg_text;
_root.type_txt.text = this.type_text;// i don’t need this field to be visible.

var item_spacing = 28;
var item_count = 0;

function CreateMenu(menu_xml){
var items = menu_xml.firstChild.firstChild.childNodes;
for (var i=0; i<items.length; i++) {
if (items*.attributes.type == “from”) {
var user = items*.firstChild;
var msg = items*.childNodes[1];
var type = items*.childNodes[2];

        var item_mc = menu_mc.attachMovie("menu_item","item"+item_count, item_count);
        item_mc._y = item_count * item_spacing;
        item_mc.user_txt.text = user.firstChild.nodeValue;
        item_mc.main_btn.msg_text = msg.firstChild.nodeValue;
        item_mc.main_btn.type_text = type.firstChild.nodeValue;
        item_mc.main_btn.onRelease = DisplayInfo;


var Menu_xml = new XML();
Menu_xml.ignoreWhite = true;
Menu_xml.onLoad = function(success){
if (success) CreateMenu(this);
else trace(“Error loading XML file”);


In the library have three movieclips, that must be played when the button is pressed.
Please, dl the FLA and XML files in zip.