Problem making swf and webcam work together

Hi I recently hired a guy to make a simple “eye toy” style game in Actionscript 3 that could work through webcams, more to see if it could be done than anything else! when you move, flame effects appear around you. I played it through my Mac Ibook with built in webcam and it works brilliantly! Fantastic effects. But I wanted to be able to run it on my MacPro Intel desktop to see it so bought a webcam, installed the drivers and the camera works fine. But when I open it in flash player or through a browser it feeds the camera footage fine but doesn’t playback the “flame effects” that are supposed to appear over the top. Like I said it works fine on my latop with built in camera so can’t work out why it doesn’t work on my intel desktop with this new camera. When I right click over the webcam feed and look at the flash settings the option I select is SN9C 201+MI0360 Web Cam (the other options seem to switch off the camera feed) but apart from that I can’t see what else to do with it at the mo. Any advice would be much appreciated!