Problem passing a var between ext SWF and main project

Hi again,

I’m facing a little problem passing a var from my external swf to my main project.
I’m using a document class to pilot my main project.

This is the function stored in my main project’s document class file :

    public function dischargeExtContent(m:int):void    {

and this is the code in my external swf : = 5;
but1.buttonMode = true;
but1.mouseEnabled = true;
but1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, chargeMaster);

function chargeMaster(m:MouseEvent):void {
        var id =;        

When I test, I see that the dischargeExtContent is run (cause I got an animation) but the trace id returnes UNDEFINED.

i’m not comfortable with static vars and so on so I choose this solution, can you maybe give me a hand on this ??

Thanks a lot